Former ASIS Albany Chairman, Mario Pecoraro, presents at February 2017 chapter meeting

Feb 15, 2017
Mario Pecoraro, President of Alliance Worldwide Investigative Group and former chairman of the ASIS Albany chapter, presented at the ASIS Albany chapter meeting on the topic of "Trends in

Background Investigations".  His presentation included information about fraud and theft statistics in the workplace, FCRA best practices regarding background checks on people with common names, how to handle adverse find-ings and proper vendor testing procedures, top trends in background investigations, including how to avoid litigation pitfalls, and going global when researching job applicants from other countries.  In addition, Mario provided a brief overview on the status of HR Bills in the House and Senate.

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February 2017 Event


Jan 31, 2018
Fellow Albany Chapter member, Scott Ziter, Vice President of Risk Management for The Golub Corporation, presented on Loss Protection and Risk Management. Mr. Ziter's presentation included an overview of the Golub

Scott Ziter presents on the topic of loss protection 

Corporation / Price Chopper risk management department; risk management (including the areas of asset protection, food safety and OSHA); and trends in the retail asset protection industry.